What Referring Dentists Say.

The following are genuine referring dentist testimonials received by our practice. The dentist’s confidentiality has been protected by the use of their initials and residential area only. The original documents with the names and addresses blocked out are available.

Amanda Biddle and her wonderful team at The Emsworth Specialist Practice are the most outstanding Periodontal Referral Practice in this area in my opinion. I feel particularly confident to make this comment as I am an endodontic specialist myself and receive tremendous positive feedback with regard to Amanda and her team from the general dental practitioners who refer endodontic cases to me in the same geographical area. Her professional skills and in particular the empathy which she shows her patients is outstanding.
Dr C.E. - Specialist Endodontist, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Our practice has been referring patients to Amanda Biddle’s periodontal practice since it opened. We have nothing but grateful thanks for the unselfish and considered care that has been provided to our patients. Where suitable some patients are referred back to our hygienist for maintenance care under the surveillance of Amanda’s practice and not unnecessarily ‘hung on to’.

No patients have made any negative comments and have benefited hugely from the care given and appreciated the care and attention given to them. They become motivated to a level that is important for the maintenance of their improvement. As a referring dentist we have easy access to her and her colleagues for direct comment and feel comfortable with enquiries we may make, not feeling at all put down as some specialists can do. The option to refer to her practice is greatly valued by us.

We consider her practice well worthy of professional praise and appreciation

Drs SD and RD, GDPs - Gosport, Hampshire
Amanda and her team provide a faultless service with extreme care. We happily refer our complex perio and implant needs patients with the confidence that they will get an honest realistic treatment plan offered tailored to their needs.
Dr A.S. – GDP Drayton, Portsmouth
I have always felt very comfortable referring my patients to Emsworth Specialist Practice knowing that they would be cared for and treated with the utmost professionalism by Amanda and her team.
The results were not only consistently excellent but genuinely exceeded my expectations.
Long term maintenance was made possible in my own practice and I have seen the stability of Amanda’s treatment last over a period of many years.
Dr J.P. – GDP Barnham, West Sussex

I have referred patients to Amanda for three years. She offers a fantastic service for my chronic periodontal and crown lengthening patients as well as implant cases. Following an e mail and call to her receptionist an appointment with Amanda or one of her two colleagues is quickly organized. The patient is examined and an appropriate non-surgical program initiated. I receive a comprehensive provisional treatment plan with copy of radiographs.

This is followed by the definitive periodontal plan on completion of stage one. All of my patients have been very impressed and satisfied with the gentle treatment and I am delighted with the final results. The patients are returned to my care although many continue with Amanda’s hygienists for long term periodontal care and stability.
We are so very lucky to have her practicing on the south coast.

Dr S.B. – GDP Chichester, West Sussex.

I and my patients have always been delighted with the service and professional care that is provided by Amanda and her team, in particular the customisation of treatment plans to both the clinical and personal needs of an individual patient.

As a general practice it is important for us to know that we will be kept informed and involved in the treatment at all stages, and the care from the Emsworth specialist practice is always complementary to the more general care that we provide.

The patients always know the extent of the clinical responsibilities of each practice improving the quality of care for patients and developing local pathways of care and professional support.

The practice is an asset to the dental community of Hampshire and West Sussex.

Dr H.S. Consultant Oral Surgeon and GDP, Portsmouth, Hants

Emsworth Specialist Practice continues to produce impressive improvements in their patient’s periodontal health. All our referred patients have received prompt and efficient care.

We receive comprehensive feedback on any care provided and frequent updates of the improvements in patient’s periodontal condition.

Dr B.F. GDP - Leigh Park, Portsmouth, Hants

Amanda Biddle and her team have always provided an excellent level of periodontal care for my specialist orthodontic patients. Her good customer service, communication and predictable periodontal results make it possible for patients to have orthodontic treatment once they are periodontally healthy.

Patients are very satisfied with their periodontal management and I am confident that Amanda will continue to look after my patients well whilst they are in orthodontic treatment. I look forward to continuing working with Amanda and her team on multidisciplinary perio/ortho cases.

Dr D.G. Specialist Orthodontist – Fareham, Hampshire

We are lucky to have your specialist periodontal practice within a short distance from the Isle of Wight. Patients have seen you and your team for periodontal treatment and implants and they all have been delighted. I have seen excellent results and am very happy to refer patients to you.

Dr F.S. - GDP Isle of Wight

I have been referring patients to Amanda for 5 years now. I have always had the best reports back from patients, about the professionalism of her and her team and most importantly the great periodontal results she achieves. Thanks and good luck with it.

Dr M.H, GDP Chichester, West Sussex

What Our Patients Say.

The following are genuine patient testimonials received by our practice. The patient’s confidentiality has been protected by the use of their initials and residential area only. The original documents with the names and addresses blocked out are available.

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