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Frankie – Various Treatments Including Periodontics (Gum Treatment)

“When I first saw the results, it was a shock, it had been a long process, so obviously I’d seen the gradual change, gradual change, gradual change, and actually they went back and showed me the models of my mouth originally as a comparison to today and it was quite an emotional shock, but it was such a nice thing to achieve.”

Vicky – Periodontics (Gum Treatment)

“My first impressions of the practice was lovely. It was very welcoming, very professional and I felt secure with the treatments. The dentists who carry out my treatment are wonderful. I really feel that they’re working with for the best treatment for me. And they’re very professional and surprisingly gentle and pain-free.”

Maria – Periodontics and Orthodontics

“I’d recommend this practice to other people because she kept me well-informed of all that she was doing, how the treatment was going, and in the end, the results were really good and I’m really happy with all that she’s done. When I first saw the results, I was so pleased.”

Nick – Dental Implants

“Would I recommend this practice? Yes. I have done, recommended it, specifically because one gets what exactly one is asked and it’s explained exactly what’s being done to you and the reasoning behind it. That’s very, very important.”

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