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We provide a quality referral service with a range of treatments including periodontal (gum) treatment, implant dentistry and oral surgical treatment. Patients are then referred back to the care of their general dentist. This is important because it provides an integrated dental programme.

Below are some of the many treatments provided at our practice:

• A full range of periodontal procedures – including both non-surgical and surgical approaches.
• Regenerative (reconstructive) gum surgery, if appropriate.
• Muco-gingival surgery (gum grafting) and crown lengthening.
• Periodontal treatment planning with special attention to restorative requirements.
• A full surgical and restorative implant service.
• Local oral surgical procedures.
All patients must be referred by their dentist or doctor, we do not take self-referrals by patients.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide NHS treatment.

The fee for an initial consultation, x-rays, treatment plan and report is £220. Treatment costs will then be provided on an individual basis depending on clinical requirements. A full report is provided including copies of all radiographs (x-rays) taken.

Our fees reflect the exceptional quality of specialist care we provide. Our treatments are provided using the very latest-evidence based techniques in a high-tech environment. We always ensure that your experience with us is as beneficial and relaxing as it can be. We listen to your concerns and needs and treat you accordingly.

30 Minute Hygienist Visit. . . . . . .£75.00
45 Minute Hygienist Visit. . . . . . .£110.00
New Patient Peridontal Consultation. . . . . . .£240.00
30 Minute Reassessment. . . . . . .£135.00
45 Minute Reassessment. . . . . . .£165.00
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment With The Specialist. . . . . . .£480.00
Surgical Treatment With The Specialist (per hour). . . . . . .From £650.00
Dental Implants (Including All Surgery and Restoration With a Crown). . . . . . .From £3100.00
Cone Beam CT Scan. . . . . . .From £125.00
Failed/Broken Appointment or Cancellation Within 24 hours Fee. . . . . . .*50% of
Appointment Fee

*This fee may be waived in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the practice.
You may be asked to provide a 50% deposit to secure the appointment.

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